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Why Choose Orion Holiday for Car Rental in Padang Sumatera Barat ?
Visiting West Sumatra certainly will not be complete if you only stay at Kota Padang or just in the lodging area. You also have to explore the natural beauty of the island to get the feel. One of them is to visit popular tourist attractions such as Pantai Padang , Jam Gadang Bukittinggi or Harau Valley Payakumbuh .

But the problem that you have to face is how to get to the tourist attraction when you depart with the group? Because the public transportation modes in some areas West Sumatra are still limited. If there is, it can only reach certain places. And will not enter into the tourism area, especially those located quite indented or inland.

You can use motorcycle taxi services operated by local residents, but of course the rates that will be charged will also be more expensive. Moreover, you consist of one group that is not small. Say, you depart with a group of 10 people. When using a motorcycle taxi, then you automatically need 10 motorcycle taxis to take you to your destination. Of course this is less efficient than renting a car that can carry 10 or more

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Padang with a group, you can choose an alternative by renting a car. Besides being safer and more comfortable because you only have to go up and sit in a chair, you can also save your budget. By renting a car, your visit or tour can be more relaxed and fun.

Excellence and Facilities Orion Holiday
Orion Holiday has various types of vehicles that are intentionally designed to comfort users such as ordinary car rentals and even though luxury cars . Therefore, Orion Holiday is worth it to be your choice of vacation in Padang. Some of the advantages that are generally found in every car choice include the following:

1. It has a new and clean vehicle, a soft and comfortable seat that can spoil you. Driving activities for you and your friends can be more comfortable and relaxed by renting our vehicles.

2. Equipped with facilities such as air conditioning, of course, will make your trip feel more enjoyable. You no longer need to breathe in a bad smell from the outside or hold the sun. In addition, the presence of AC can also make the mood more relaxed.

3. Give the best servants to all our customers, because we Orion Holiday always prioritize our Customer Satisfaction

Strengths Orion Holiday car rental
There are many advantages that can be obtained by deciding to strengthen a car. If you are trying to consider this, then some points discuss the advantages of renting a car when visiting the Province West Sumatra [/color ] below may be considered:

1. Safe

Driving a car when traveling is safer for passengers. Especially if the distance traveled is quite far and the road taken is not too good. Of course using a car can be an alternative safety for your trip and your group. In addition, you are also more protected from things that might be unpleasant.

2. Comfortable

By renting a minibus, your comfort is also guaranteed. In contrast to riding a public vehicle that requires you to jostle and also make a deal with various other passenger habits. By renting a bus, you have privacy and can be comfortable. In addition, there are drivers who drive so you can have a complete rest in the car.

In addition, you and your entourage are also free to carry out exciting activities or discuss without being afraid to disturb and be disturbed. You also have the freedom to sleep and relax without worrying about missing out on your destination if you choose to rent a car. Therefore, it is important for you to provide comfort to yourself, especially on vacation.

3. Save Time

If you decide to go independently, there is a possibility that you and your entourage will waste a lot of time just to choose the path of travel, sure that the information obtained is correct and so forth. Also, when you visit a place that is far from the reach of the internet, you might also get lost.

If you are backpacker and have a lot of time, of course this is not a big problem. But it is very unethical if you go with a group with vacation time which is also limited but it is a waste of time. Not to mention, each person has a different temperament. So that this could have triggered a fight.

To anticipate this, then you can contact the service rental car Orion Holiday (Padang) . That way, you don't need to bother thinking about the route and how to get there. You just need to sit in the chair because there are already experienced drivers. This way, everyone can enjoy a holiday with pleasure and calm.

4. Cheap

Renting a car while visiting the Province West Sumatra can also be a cheap solution if you depart with a group or group . Here, you can share expenses for accommodation and transportation with friends so you don't have to be afraid of broken bags. Mini bus rental rates are usually only priced starting at hundreds of thousands so they can reduce the budget that must be spent. Like the Isuzu Elf mini bus usually not much different from the price of renting a Toyota Hiace, each vehicle has its own advantages.

If you are currently looking for references regarding the cost of minibus car rentals to be used as transportation during the trip at West Sumatra [/color] , then there is no need to worry first. Please contact us at the telephone number provided on the main page of our page, hopefully your vacation plan and family /group can be immediately implemented

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Orion Holiday (Padang)

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